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SAWS 2017 Exhibition September 8 to 17

SAWS 2017 Exhibition September 8 to 17

For the first time the SAWS Exhibition includes examples of work from our 2X4 Challenge where members create pieces from a regular 2X4 (or an equivalent volume 768 cubic inches in another species).

2 X 4 Challenge

2 X 4 Challenge



Also a first for SAWS an exhibit of Whimsy Projects.  Pieces are passed from maker to maker with no instruction other than to let your imagination be your guide.  Some pieces have literally been around the world.

Whimsy projects  

Whimsy projects



Please have a look at some of our past exhibitions. 

This is where our members get to share what they can do.

saws 2015 cover.jpg

2015 Exhibition

SAWS mandate is to bring before the public excellent examples of fine woodworking.  Each piece is subject to a two step adjudication process, first for workmanship and second for design.    High quality paper copies of the 2015 catalogue are available for purchase at a cost of $8.00 shipping included.  Cheques may be sent to the SAWS address on the CONTACT link..

View SAWS 2015 catalogue

2013 Exhibition

30th Anniversary
1983 – 2013
Celebrating 30 years of bringing together people who share a common passion of woodworking.

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2011 Exhibition

Fine Works In Wood Exhibition
In the nearly three decades since the Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society (SAWS) was formed, we have always tried to live up to the aims of the founders, that is, to promote fine woodwork in the areas of both design and execution. Part of that effort has been in the form of our biennial exhibitions.

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2009 Exhibition

Fine Works In Wood Exhibition
The members of the Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society welcome you to the 2009 Fine Works in Wood Exhibition. As in previous shows, the works displayed cover the full range of excellence, from imaginative artistic pieces to finely constructed furniture.

View SAWS 2009 Catalogue